I was brought to Paws and Whiskers after a nice lady noticed my feral mom hanging around her house, searching desperately for enough food for herself and me and my 3 siblings. Thankfully, the woman took my whole family into her home, where she fostered us till we could be weaned from our mother. Once we were 8 weeks old, we went to another foster home, where we were given lots of love and special attention, getting us all used to being handled by people. I’m still a little shy and I’m still getting used to being picked up, but I try to make up for my shyness by being a really funny, super-playful little girl. Show me some stick toys and I get so excited I forget how shy I am! I’m hoping to find a special forever home filled with love and the patience to help me adjust to a new home. I promise to try my hardest if you do too!

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