I was found wandering around outside, begging for attention and food (and maybe a little warmth while I was at it). I found a nice woman who wanted to help me, but she was very worried when her husband said he was so tired of me hanging around that he might hurt me. So she brought me to PAWS to help me find a forever home that’s safe.

I’m very chatty, friendly, and affectionate, but at times I can get a little what is called “over stimulated,”. which basically means I get to a point where I need to be able to walk away from petted. The nice people at PAWS can show you the signs I give showing I need a little “me time” – I’m pretty easy to read! So I need a home that will to understand when enough petting is enough, but that will also know I really do still love them and will still want to want to be petted and played with. Because of my “cattitude”, I need to be an only kitty (other cats & kids don’t always “get me”). Could you be the person who understands I’m a funny girl at heart who just sometimes needs a little space?

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