In Memorium

Whether it is to honor a special person or a special pet, Paws and Whiskers deeply appreciates Memorial Gifts. This contribution means that your loved one’s legacy lives on in the lives of the cats we serve. Thank you for honoring your loved one with your generous donation.

Please see below for a listing of Memorial contributions.

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7/30by Leadership ToledoIn Memorial of Mark Levering
7/25by We Care Pet SittingIn Memory of Chessie
7/13by Rex & Morgan NewtonIn Honor of Fisher's Birthday Request
7/5by Ashley NittleIn Honor of Mallory Meier's Birthday
6/29by Rachelle HorowitzIn Memory of Granddog, Berkeley Horowitz
6/22by Mark & Jodi PusaIn Memory of Les Macek
6/8by Jody Gabel In Memory of Chris Brun
6/8by Diane PauwelsIn Memory of Chris Brun
6/8by Kevin MorganIn Memory of Chris Brun
6/8by Dan HodulikIn Memory of Chris Brun
6/8by Carla ZeilerIn Memory of Chris Brun
6/8by Sydney CondrayIn Memory of OJAI & Carol Christiansen
6/6by Valerie NapieralskiIn Memory of Joyce Quinlivan
6/3by Kathleen GeraceIn Memory of Christine Brun
5/30by Rebecca SollarsIn Memory of Kathy Simoni
5/30by Kathleen MillerIn Memory of Kathy Simoni
5/29by Patricia CooperIn Memory of Donald Cooper
5/23by Beth FigleyIn Honor of Champ
5/21by The Dougherty FamilyIn Honor of Dr. Jenny
5/21by Louis & Ruth Ann BoehkIn Honor of Abby
5/15by Robert Lyerly, Jr.In Memory of Christine Sue Brun
5/15by Lois & Leo ManionIn Honor of Caley
5/13by Karen & Michael BarhiteIn Memory of Herman
5/9by Allison O'Neill & Carol HerronIn Memory of Cheryl Hodges
5/9by Michael BrunIn Memory of Christine S. Brun
5/6by John PetroskiIn Memory of Pearl
5/6by OAPSE - AFSCME LOCAL NO. 227In Memory of Cheryl Hodges
5/6by Casey YarderIn Memory of Virginia Riker
5/6by Darla KoepkeIn Honor of Deborah Keopke's Birthday
4/25by Roberta AtlasIn Memory of Cheryl Hodges
4/22by We Care Pet SittingIn Memory of Columbus
4/20by Cheryl SanchezIn Memory of Cheryl Hodges
4/20by Janell HirschleIn Honor of Sue Morrow's Birthday
4/18by John & Charmaine BlaylockIn Memory of Susan Draeger
4/17by Amy SaltzsteinIn Memory of Wanda Kahler
4/16by Calen BruceIn Honor of Murphy
4/16by JoAnn CallananIn Honor of Fred
4/14by Mary F. KinneeIn Memory of Carolyn & Gioia Kinnee
4/8by Yondota Chapter #317 Order of the Eastern StarIn Memory of Wanda Joan Kahler
4/8by Sally Keller & Barbara GrummelTo Phoebe's Fund, in Memory of Jean Okoroski
4/8by Margaret WroblewskiIn Memory of Wanda Joan Kahler
4/7by Ron & Marian GladieuxIn Memory of Fritz Kohn
4/1by Linda HaubertIn Memory of Joan Kahler
3/29by Mildred ClarkIn Memory of Kathryn Bowman Simoni
3/29by Joan ClarkIn Memory of Kathryn Bowman Simoni
3/28by Beth VollmarIn Honor of Joan Kahler
3/26by Peter SerchukIn Honor of his brother Steve's birthday
3/24by Jan AguilarIn Memory of Kathy Simoni
3/23by Shirley R. LuxIn Memory of Kathy Simoni
3/18by Diane SavatteriIn Memory of Kathy Simoni
3/18by Kim & Vicki DavisTo Phoebe's Fund, In Memory of Toast & Tim
3/14by Fred SerchukIn Honor of his brother Steve's birthday
3/13by Patty Etue StephensIn Memory of Marjorie Shultz
3/13by Marie & Jeffrey FettersIn Memory of Kathy Simoni
3/13by Constance MurphyIn Memory of Gail E. Spoonseller
3/12by Jennifer & Marvel Edinger & Joanne KoesterIn Memory of Darla Fleck Willis
3/12by Carol ApgarIn Memory of Marjorie Shultz
3/12by Thomas & Jan KasleIn Memory of Marjorie May Shultz
3/12by Marsha & Hans VetterTo Phoebe's Fund, In Honor of Kristi Polus & Bruce Yunker
3/7by Jill GraysonIn Honor of Katie Fletcher's Birthday
3/4by Michael KozakIn Memory of Kelly J. Long
2/28by Acme Specialty Manufacturing In Memory of Ray Norkowski
2/27by Elaine LangenderferIn Honor of Nancy & Jeannie Simon
2/26by Richard & Suzanne BeardIn Memory of Ray Norkowski
2/26by John TippettIn Honor of his brother's birthday
2/26by The Niehaus FamilyIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/26by Sharon FilipiakIn Memory of Bob Fox
2/26by Craig CairnsIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/26by Ray & Mary Sue LewandowskiIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/26by Joan SchwartzIn Memory of Tim Posadny
2/26by Edna PerlmutterIn Memory of Robert Matz, donation to Phoebe's Fund
2/20by Suzanne & James StoverIn Memory of Terah Howard
2/18by Thomas FaceyIn Honor of Stacey Grasso
2/18by Richard & Melanie PartonIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/18by Mary Van MeerIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/14by Mark A. ZydelIn Honor of his Mom
2/10by A. KielczewskiIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/10by Janette RoeslerIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/8by Marjorie CashinIn Honor of George Fix
2/8by Susan CasselmanIn Memory of Mary Lou Forbes
2/8by Shirley NelliganIn Memory of Judy Kerstetter
2/8by Beverly RayIn Memory of Judy Kerstetter
2/8by Barbara DauerIn Memory of Judy Kerstetter
2/8by Carolie OttoIn Memory of Judy Kerstetter
2/8by Carol KetchelIn Memory of Judy Kerstetter
2/7by Leslie FermanIn Memory of Virgil Kalas
2/4by Jim & Marcia SiegelIn Memory of Levee Segur
2/4by Mike & Marie MarekIn Memory of Levee Segur
2/4by Joan BoesIn Memory of Judy Brannon
2/1by Brandi BarhiteIn Honor of Herman Barhite
1/25by Michael & Laura ArmstrongIn Memory of Levee Segur
1/25by Richard & Penelope RederIn Memory of Judy Kerstetter
1/24by Cynthia DoliasIn Memory of Rusty & Tornado Rex
1/19by Carissa JockIn Memory of CJ Vroman
1/16by Linda BuermeleIn Memory of Bea Hughes
1/16by Joan FryeIn Memory of Harley Frye
1/14by Julie Shanks & Alex ParksIn Memory of Liam Szymanski
1/14by Lynn WebbIn Honor of the Middletons - Carol, Kevin, Sarge, Honey & Tanner
1/7by Angela SchoonerIn Memory of Sue Keagle & Callie
1/5by Austin SegurIn Memory of Levee Segur
1/5by Frank HofmeisterIn Memory of Levee Christian Segur
1/5by Diane M. TrojeIn Memory of Levee Christian Segur
1/5by William & Barbara BesanconIn Honor of Ryan's Birthday
1/2by Rose ChurchillIn Memory of Ken Churchill
1/2by Barbara Lou SteckIn Memory of Gracie

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