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6/12by Patricia TimmermanIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/12by Dennis & Joan TobiasIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/12by Darryl & Sharon AllenIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/12by Stephen & Kristin DinofloIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/9by Pamela PattersonA birthday wish for V.C.
6/8by Sharon & James VogelsangIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/7by Sandra EsserIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/7by Mark HendersonIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/7by Patricia StrasserIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/7by Amy MuellerIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/7by Bill CarrIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/7by Brad & Judith HelmIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/5by Diane KelleyIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/6by Roger L. RummelIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/5by Todd SchroyerIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/3by Blair NelsenIn Memory of Gary Walker
6/3by CJ VromanIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
5/18by Darla KopekeIn Honor of Deborah Keopke
5/17by Adriana FiricanIn Honor of her cat, Lucky, for reaching 7K Instagram followers
5/11by Eric RomanukIn Honor of Gloria Larsh
5/11by Christine BartonIn Honor of Kathleen's Birthday
5/4by Christine BartonIn Memory of Val Walczak
5/2by Rodney & Barbara FreyIn memory of Nancy Fuire
5/1by Steven & Michelle GrandowiczIn Memory of Christine Grandowicz
4/30by William & Joanna SuderIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
4/30by the Rouse EstateIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
4/30by Judith & Brad HelmIn Memory of Nancy Schade
4/30by Christine BartonIn Honor of Jame's First Birthday
4/23by Tyler SpottsIn Memory of Willie "Bear" Spotts
4/21by Targeted Pet Treats, LLCIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
4/20by Martha Tipton & Amy ParishIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
4/20by Christine BartonIn Honor of Aggie's Birthday
4/19by Jean & John ShirleyIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
4/16by Terry & Tanya WirickIn Memory of Nancy Fuire
4/13by Christine BartonIn Honor of Buzzard's Birthday
04/06/18by Cynthia WebbIn Honor of Aunt Carol & Uncle Kevin Middleton for all they do
04/05/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Steve Hall's birthday
04/05/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Steve Hall's birthday
04/03Peter SerchukIn Celebration of my brother, Steve Serchuk's recent birthday
04/02/18by Mark, Molly & SherryIn Memory of Sarah Morgan
03/31/18by Joe MichalakIn Memory of Laura Salzwedel
03/31/18by Deanna MichalakIn Memory of Laura Salzwedel
03/30/18by Tina FernerIn Memory of Pepper, my sister Rose Curdes' cat
03/23/18by Georgia BouldesIn Memory of T.D.
03/22/18by Teresa BookhamerIn Memory of Laura Salzwedel
03/21/18by Paul CausmanIn Memory of Scout
03/21/18by James & Dianne JagielskiIn Memory of TD (beloved 19 year old kitty)
03/19/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Stephanie Tickles' Birthday
03/19/18by We Care Pet SittingIn Memory of Amy (a 19 year old sweet kitty)
03/19/18by C.N. & C.G. EppinkIn Memory of Laura Louise Salzwedel
03/15/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Marsh Mincher's Birthday
03/15/18by Wendy HartfordIn Memory of Laura Salzwedel
03/13/18by Paul HartIn Memory of Ed Strohscher of Genoa
03/12/18by Mari Tischler & Naomi Tischler RevinIn Memory of Chris Simoni
03/08/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Melissa Boyce's Birthday
03/07/18by Ron AndersonIn Memory of his son
03/05/18by Stephanie HunkerIn Honor of Daisy & Glinda
03/04/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Kim Dimick's Birthday
03/02/18by Robert Smith In Memory of Gene Fodor
03/02/18by Susan SantoroIn Memory of Sophia Loren Santoro
03/01/18by Eric & Chloe Hauenstein, & AbbyIn Memory of Sophia & Enzo Santoro
02/28/18by Fred JohnsonIn Memory of Karen Sue Martensen
02/27/18By Ohio JudoIn Memory of Gene S. Fodor
02/25/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Jason Jr's Birthday
02/24/18by Sally A. AyersIn Memory of Allen Blasingame
02/24/18by Paul A. CasmusIn Memory of Allen Blasingame
02/18/18by James ByrdIn Honor of Poppy's Birthday (George Barton)
02/15/18by We Care Pet SittingIn Memory of Tess, a sweet 18 yr old white kitty
02/14/18by Joan ClarkIn Memory of Mrs. Wanda I. Eble
02/12/18by Joan BoesIn Memory of Rosie Barone
02/08/18by Ralph HenryIn Memory of TJ and in Honor of Salem's Birthday
02/08/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Joyann Surface's Birthday
02/05/18by Cynthia WebbIn Honor of the Middletons - Carol, Kevin, Honey, Sarge, Joey & Tanner
02/04/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Duane Jameson's Birthday
01/28/18by Debra LopreteIn Memory of Wanda Eble
01/28/18by Christine BartonIn Honer of Gordan Byrd Jr's Birthday
01/19/18by Christine BartonIn Honor Kristen Tickles' Birthday
01/18/18by Rhonda GrimmIn Honor of Michael Barhite
01/18/18by Tim DavisIn Honor of Rick Basch
01/16/18by Joan A. SchwartzIn Memory of Roger Ramsey & Joseph Kojtoviok
01/14/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Michelle Kramer
01/13/18by James Matz In Memory of Robert Matz
01/09/18by Pat NicelyIn Memory of Norman Smith
01/09/18by Pam FletcherIn Memory of Norman Smith
01/08/18by Joan BoesIn Memory of Dr. Robert E, Shanahan
01/06/18by M & D.S. CulverIn Memory of Liz Bierer
01/05/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Victoria Hall's Birthday
01/01/18by Christine BartonIn Honor of Jennifer Eubank's Birthday

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