Adoption Stories

Adoption Stories

Did you adopt your feline friend from Paws and Whiskers?

We’d love to hear from you!

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 Gidget: Hi Everybody! Remember me, Gidget? Only my name is “Punkin” now, also Pretty Girl, Baby Girl, and Baby Cakes.  I love my forever home! I play, sleep, eat, sleep, drink water, and sleep. Thank you Paws and Whiskers for taking such good care of me and for pointing me out to my new Mom & Dad. I know they love me and I love them.  Thank you again and keep up the good work.  Punkin


Itty Bitty  Thank you for allowing us to adopt Itty Bitty. She is doing very well. She is still a little scared of her brother Hemingway but Hemingway has been great giving her space. He did not seem to be bothered by her. Within 10 minutes she was on our laps asleep.  March 30th, Itty Bitty has made herself right at home! You guys are right, she does not act 15! She runs, plays, and bag dives for French fries. She is very social and makes sure we know she is in the room. She takes turns sleeping on top of me and my husband at night. We couldn’t be more happy to have her.  She is also warming up to her brother:)  At the left, you can see Itty Bit sharing some Arby’s while, at the right, she is napping on a stool.

HOBO  – My name is Hobo, I was found on a sidewalk in the wet cold early spring of 2013. I was very small and sick when the nice person took me to Paws and Whiskers.  I was only Hobo 001there a few days when I picked out my new family. I turned on the charm and won then over right away.  Now I am 8 months old , very health and very loved. Besides my mom and my dad I have a sister (Caboose – also from Paws and Whiskers) and a brother named Diesel. I have endless toys, treats, food, and love. My favorite thing is to chase the clothes in the washer and dryer when mom does the laundry.  I love my family and feel very lucky to be in such a loving home. I wish all of the others at Paws and Whiskers could be so lucky.    

MISTY LOU  –My beautiful picture Hey  Misty Lou here.  Maybe you remember seeing a picture of me visiting my mom at Hospice in the Spring Issue of PAW Prints .  Mom had been a long time supporter and volunteer of PAWS.  She found me as a kitten ten years ago and tried to get me into PAWS. There was no room and they were very crowded for most of the summer. By the time there was room, I had grown on mom and she decided to keep me for herself. She took very good care of me over the years but spent a lot of time in the hospital. Even though she had bad health problems she was always concerned about me and made sure I would be provided for when she was no longer around. The nice people at PAWS agreed to take care of me if anything ever happened to mom.  Well I lost her in the spring and the people at PAWS kept their word and took me in an found me a home. Has things happen Sammy J and I arrived at PAWS at the same time. Now I am living with Sammy J and Laurie Lynn and I have a window all of my own to lay in and look out of.  I get to sleep in this big recliner rocker that I have to share sometimes with my dad.  Sometimes I like to sleep in this barrel  at the bottom of the cat tree that Sammy J uses. On the right you can see me getting ready to go after one of the cool cat nip logs we have laying around all the time.

SAMMY J  –  Hi this is Sammy J talking to you from my favorite spot in my new home sitting in the cat tree either sleeping or looking out the window.  I had a happy home for eleven My beautiful pictureyears and then my mom died last spring and nobody in the family wanted me. I was put into a foster home with the Humane Society  and then the people at Paws and Whiskers agreed to take me and find me a home.  After I got to PAWS I saw the vet and had some dental work done. After that things came together just right and I got a home despite my age in only two weeks. Now I live in my own area of the house with two other feline friends that lost their moms about the same time.  My new mom brings us treats twice a day  and I usually get all three servings because the other two only seem interested in the dry stuff.  I get my ears and back scratched when ever I want it day or night and it is sooooooo nice.

LUARIE LYNN  – My beautiful picture On December 3rd 2001 I was part of a litter of seven kittens brought to Paws and Whiskers to find a forever home.  I was adopted in February of 2002 and had a home with a nice lady until the summer of 2013.  Mom was having a lot of medical problems and was gone for long periods of time and I had to stay at home with here son.  Mom was concerned about my welfare. When she learned she had to go someplace where I couldn’t go and that she was possibly going to be there for the rest of her life she contacted PAWS to bring me back .  I sure am glad PAWS has such great contributors that allow them to have a life time return policy so I had some place to go when mom couldn’t take care of me anymore.  Once I got back to PAWS I was really upset and missed mom so I stopped eating. I went to  a foster home in hopes I would be more comfortable and  start eating again.  Well it worked. I wasn’t at the foster home for thirty minutes when I was at the food bowl chowing down.  I did so well at the foster that they decided to keep me.  Now I live in the office at my new home and have a nice bed next to the computer. Above  I can be seen helping with some of the household paper work.  

Hi Queen Emma, Lady Delilah here.  Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying my new home very much.  The lady that brought me to Paws and Whiskers back in March kept seeing me on the web site every evening and couldn’t resist my forlorn eyes. Sometimes it pays to play the game. Anyway, the very first night I was here I had freedom to roam the house. From what two  of the other felines said they were in a room by themselves for a few months. I wish all my Picture1friends at the shelter could join me as this is truly a dream world. Toys all over the house to play with and lots of good food.  And of course one sweet mom. Since there are Royalty terms in this house such as Queen Sharon, Princess Bailey, and the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, Sammy and Sadie I got the chosen name of “Lady Delilah” Not bad huh!!!!! The one thing they all failed to tell me was that a quarterly donation is given to PAWS from our allowances.  What allowance? I don’t have any. But they are giving me a break this quarter until I learn to do some chores around the house and earn some cash for next quarter.  They did give me the job of collecting from all of them and mom said the check will be in the mail. Here’s hoping all our friends still at the shelter get as lucky as me. Take care Queen Emma and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Lady Delilah O’MALLEY I came to Paws and Whiskers  January 6th, 2010. I was adopted  then returned in November 2011.  I 001had to wait sixteen long months to find a new home and in March 2013 my dream came true.  The place I live now is like “Mystery Hill”!! Everything is upside down!! Oh well, at least the food is good. If only these people would let me out, I’d take care of that rabbit that keeps eating all the grass in MY yard!!  I’m soooo thankful to all your donors that made it possible for me to hang around for sixteen months until I found this place.  Tell Emma I said Hi!! Love, O’Malley

ISIS  –Isis I just wanted to post a picture of the female kitty I found at the hotel. I believe you named her Isis. She is so adorable. How could I resist? Thank you so much Paws and Whiskers for taking her, and the sweet male kitty she was abandoned with. You were the only shelter in the area, that I spoke to, that didn’t tell me her life could not be guaranteed. In fact, not only did you recognize that Isis’ personality isn’t summed up by an intake test while frightened and that her life has value and meaning like any other sentient being and expands beyond a human invention of a “perfect” cat mold.  Thank you also for letting me check up on her and the male cat the hotel staff referenced as her brother. (something I was told everywhere else I called would not be possible) Amazing rescue!!  You guys are my heroes!! Thomasena Gillis-Macafee    

COCO Co co Thank you Paws and Whiskers for taking care of my little girl!!!  She was a messCoCo but look at how beautiful she is know. I understand she never allowed people to hold or pet her…..I can say she has come a long way and is the most loving cat I have. She is no longer the broken down abused little girl I met when I first came into PAWS. Thank you for all of your hard work and for your tireless commitment to felines. I am so glad you let people return cats, as she was returned twice for different reasons…. I cannot imagine.

CINDERELLA  – We adopted Cinderella last Wednesday.  She has been finding all kinds of hiding spots.  Tonight sheCinderella has started to come out and hang out in the kitty tree.  Jeffery Williams       Almost three years ago today I adopted Clarkie (on the left) to accompany my first kitty Buster. Both are Busterboy tuxedo kitties and the are the best cats to have. They love to play together, curl up on the couch, watch the birds together, and even bug mom together. I was so happy to have found him at Paws and Whiskers and have him as part of the family. Ann Hey everyone check out this adoption story from Mutal of Omaha’s Aha Moments. Thanks Virginia for sharing!


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