I was brought to Paws and Whiskers after a nice couple found me lying by the side of the road, barely alive and in need of immediate medical attention. My front right leg was broken (the vet said it had been broken some time ago but never fixed, so it healed at such a bad angle that I couldn’t even walk on it). I was very scared and in so much pain, but I was so thankful to be helped that I tried to drag myself to the vet for a scratch on the head. Sylvania Vet fixed my leg, and discovered that I am FIV+ (the Paws and Whiskers staff can explain what that entails). I have been through a lot these past few months, so I can be a little nervous with new people. I’m learning to trust – especially people with treats. 🙂  I love to snuggle once I know you, but can still get spooked easily, so the PAWS staff thinks I would do best in a home without young children. I’ve been through so much in my young life – do you think you could be the one who helps me learn to trust again?

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