Hi, my name is Eddie. I was living at Paws and Whiskers for about three years I guess. I can’t quite remember where I lived before but someone dropped me off in a parking lot and the nice people at Paws took me in. They said I’m what they call a senior guy. I think that means I’m one of the top cats because I know it can’t be about age. I love playing with toys but I do like taking naps. Lots of them.

I’ve heard them talking about me and saying something about cancer, whatever that is. I know I’ve finally lost some of that weight I’ve been carrying around and now I’m pretty lean. I feel okay, I just like lots of naps.

Anyway, about a month or so ago, I got to move to a new home. I really like it here a lot. There are six other cats here and a really big dumb dog. But everyone gets along. And I get to take lots of naps. The nice mom I have now let’s me take naps – lots of them – on her lap. I love when she has the heated blanket on too. She makes me watch “Say Yes to the Dress” with her but that’s okay. She lets me snuggle with her and take naps. Can you tell I like naps?

My new dad lets me lay on him on the couch and I have to watch “Judge Judy” with him. It’s a small price to pay I guess. He’s very nice to me and he’s comfy. I just take a nap and ignore the TV.

Oh and I forgot one of the best parts. I get special food the other cats don’t get to eat and it tastes so good. I can have as much as I want. And cat treats! I love the crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside ones.

My retirement home is really nice and comfortable. I miss my buddies at the shelter but I hope they find a good home like I have. I love my new family and I love my naps. Yup, life is pretty darn good.

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